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“Capt.”, as we like to call him, Captain Fred Crane is a 200 ton Master Mariner. He hails from the Port of Homer Alaska and knows the sea. He’s a God fearing man and a good friend. Under the ‘Capt’s’ leadership, Sno Bird Productions intends to take us WORLDWIDE. Stay tuned.

People have joined and the trip has turned into something much more than just ‘cruising’; it has turned into something truly magical.

Captain Fred feels like sailing and cruising on Alaska, he’s a hands-on, laid back, and very smart chap. His stubborn nature means he is persistent with all projects and won’t stop until he gets the task done. Fred radiates an aura of confidence, which automatically creates a sense of trust and safety for anyone who comes into contact with him

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His name is Brad. Yep, that’s right, was raised in the city of Homer, Alaska. He got more than half way through his Environmental Engineering degree before fully making the transition into the sailing and cruising life. He’s lived and sailed on Homer. After hopping on in Other Country.

His love for sailing and sharing this adventure shows in his passion for life! His amazing ability to connect with people, no matter where in the world we are, has really helped spread the love of Alaska. On top of that, his marketing ideas, video editing, photography, Film making skills are a huge part of what Alaska has become. When not sailing, diving or fishing Brad enjoys eating, drinking Scotch, and sleeping. Brad’s an interesting guy where everything is not always quite as it seems.

Alaskan Base Photographer and Videographer, She Captured the hearts of many people in Alaska by image. She gets to know her client’s needs, so she can personalize each photo session to meet high standards and exceed expectations. While Vicky specializes in variety of photography, she delivers exceptional photography for all occasions including, weddings, family portraits, newborn babies, dance action shots, recitals, and special events such as birthdays, and any and all celebrations!

Prior to becoming a professional photographer, Vicki worked during the forefront of the Internet Era, in the Computer networking Industry, and as as a Computer Networking Engineer for over 22 years, before contracting an illness that almost took her life. Through years of incorrect diagnoses such as MS, and ALS, she learned it was Lyme Disease and sought out the right team to get her back on her feet, as there is no cure in the later stages, presently.

Vicki then decided on relocating to Alaska, to follow her lifelong curiosity of the state, and that same lifelong passion of Photography. She has been here since 2010.

When Vicki is onsite at a photo shoot, she represents not only her reputation, but also your reputation, and helps instill the client’s confidence. She takes this responsibility to heart and guarantees a professional and creative experience, from the first phone call through the final production.

Vicki is a well-rounded photographer, and understands the need for a good family photographer. As a mother she has learned patience and how to communicate with children to get that family photo you can cherish, and that will help you mark milestones in your children’s lives. She can get that smile you love or that sassy attitude captured for you to share with all.

I am EG Aeon Malana Tebalan i used to call “ion”, I am from Balagatasa, Maigo, Lanao Del Norte Philippines near City from my Place is Iligan City and Osamiz City, a Seafarer, Freelance DJ, starting out Travel Videos and a Hobbyist. I like sports, coffee and to travel. I also run our travel and tours business.

To be out there, alone or with friends at unusual times, meeting a landscape’s essence, experiencing silence, finding balance.

In these times when pushing towards faster, higher, further seems a must, I find it essential to know simplicity. To be on my own for some hours, some days. Observing, listening, feeling the wind and allowing light, forms and patterns to impregnate. The mountains allow me to immerse in nature.

My camera is just a useful tool to discover and to see.

41 years of age Computer Engineer, Experienced Web developer, and Graphic designer. A Southeast Asia Manila Philippines base developer A highly motivated and creative individual. Through my work I create brand identities, website and graphic materials, My professional objective is to provide the high quality of service, by creating an excellent design for whatever project I’m in.



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